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My Top Tools: The Secret Behind My 6-Figure Online Business Success

January 24, 2024

Building a successful online business can seem like a daunting task, especially when starting from scratch. But the truth is, with the right tools, a strong work ethic, and a resilient mindset, it is absolutely achievable.

As a six-figure virtual assistant & online business owner, I’ve discovered a handful of power tools that have been integral to my success. These tools have not only helped streamline my business operations but have also dramatically increased my productivity, allowing me to scale my business and boost my income. Today, I will be revealing my top 10 tools and explaining how they can benefit you too.

The Foundation: Showit for Website Development

When laying the groundwork for a successful online business, a captivating and user-friendly website is crucial. Enter Showit, the website builder that demystifies the process, allowing even those with minimal tech-savvy to design stunning, dynamic websites. This tool’s ease of use doesn’t sacrifice versatility; its highly customizable interface lets you express your unique brand aesthetic with a few simple drags and drops. With Showit, I’ve crafted a website that’s not just aesthetically pleasing, but effectively communicates my business’s ethos, services, and overall narrative.

It’s not just a tool—it’s the virtual cornerstone of my business’s digital presence. It’s a tool that has granted me the freedom to communicate my brand’s voice, values, and vision effectively, while delivering a seamless user experience. Remember, your website is often the first impression prospective clients have of your business, and Showit has enabled me to make sure it’s a good one.

Get a month free today to test it out 🙂

Streamlining Work: Asana for Project Management

Asana has become my secret weapon in managing different clients as a pinterest manager /VA, coaching projects and team workflows. It’s like a central hub that helps me juggle multiple projects, delegate tasks, and keep track of deadlines.

From creating custom workflows to assigning responsibilities to team members and monitoring the progress of ongoing projects, Asana has it all covered. What really sets this tool apart is the delicate balance it maintains between simplicity and adaptability. Asana doesn’t just organize work; it streamlines it, transforming potential chaos into efficiency. Whether you’re managing a small project or coordinating a team across different time zones, Asana’s flexible interface adapts to fit your needs.

So say goodbye to missed deadlines, cluttered inboxes, and confusing spreadsheets. With Asana at your side, you’ll be on top of your project management game, effortlessly steering your online business towards success.

Engaging the Audience: Flodesk for Email Marketing

One crucial aspect of building a successful online business is effectively engaging with your audience, and for that, I swear by Flodesk. It’s a fantastic tool that has taken my email marketing to the next level, enabling me to craft visually appealing emails that don’t just communicate but truly connect with my audience. Whether it’s newsletters, promotional emails, or personalized responses, Flodesk provides me with a versatile platform to create them all.

Plus, it’s SO beginner & user-friendly, with customizable templates that allow you to design professional-looking emails, no graphic design skills required.

All these features come at a extremely affordable price , making Flodesk a must-have tool for online entrepreneurs. I have so much money since switching over to flo-desk. Its affordability coupled with its robust capabilities has turned my email marketing from a hassle into fun.

So if you want to keep your audience engaged, informed, and connected, Flodesk is the tool to go for. You can join today for 50% off, that’s as low as $20 a month to grow your email marketing list.

Visibility Matters: Tailwind for Marketing & Cross-Promoting

Tailwind has emerged as my go-to tool for managing marketing campaigns and cross-promotion efforts. Designed for Pinterest and Instagram, this platform is a powerhouse that supercharges your social media marketing strategy. With Tailwind, I’ve been able to schedule posts, discover content, monitor conversations, amplify reach, and analyze results – all from one dashboard. What sets this tool apart is its SmartSchedule feature that ensures your posts go out when your audience is most active, significantly increasing your visibility and engagement.

And that’s not all. Tailwind’s Tribes feature is a goldmine for cross-promotion. This collaborative marketing approach has not only expanded my reach but has also brought valuable partnerships my way. It’s like being part of a community where like-minded business owners help promote each other’s content, resulting in a win-win for all parties involved.

But the real game-changer for me has been Tailwind’s analytics. This feature provides me with actionable insights into what’s working and what’s not, enabling me to fine-tune my marketing strategies for maximum impact. This tool has empowered me to stay ahead of the curve, making my online business more visible, more engaging, and ultimately, more profitable.

Enhancing Customer Journey: HoneyBook for CRM

HoneyBook has been my absolute go-to tool since I started my business in 2020 when it comes to managing my clients! It’s like a personal assistant that never sleeps, tirelessly tracking client interactions, bookings, contracts & agreements, and payments.

The beauty of HoneyBook lies in its comprehensive overview of the customer journey. It allows me to clearly understand each step a client takes, enabling me to tailor their experience for maximum satisfaction.

But where HoneyBook truly shines is in its automation capabilities. It takes over the repetitive tasks, handling everything from sending booking confirmations to issuing invoices. This not only saves me an incredible amount of time but ensures that no detail is overlooked, no matter how small.

With HoneyBook, I can rest easy knowing that every part of my client’s journey is handled with precision and care. It’s like having a dependable co-pilot, navigating the complexities of client management, freeing up my time to focus on scaling my business. Grab HoneyBook Today 🙂

Working on Autopilot: Zapier for Automation

Zapier is an automation game-changer that helps you maximize productivity in your online business. Think of Zapier as your behind-the-scenes tech-ally, tirelessly connecting your go-to tools and orchestrating them to work in harmony. With a few clicks, I’ve been able to set up ‘zaps’ or automated workflows, streamlining recurring tasks that would otherwise eat into my productive time.

For instance, want to sync your incoming emails to your project management platform? Or auto-tweet your latest blog posts? Maybe you need to integrate customer feedback from your website directly into your CRM? All this is possible, and much more with Zapier’s simple, intuitive interface. This automation titan doesn’t just save time; it redefines efficiency.

The magic of Zapier lies in its versatility. Its ability to link different apps is like watching different parts of a puzzle come together to form a coherent picture. It empowers me to create seamless processes that run in the background, leaving me with more time to strategize and grow my business.

So, whether you’re just starting out or you’re a seasoned entrepreneur, Zapier’s automation prowess can make your work-life not only more productive but a lot more manageable. Say goodbye to monotonous tasks and hello to the power of automation with Zapier. It’s not just a tool; it’s the key to working smarter, not harder, and driving your online business to new heights of success.

Building Passive Income: Stan Store for Selling Digital Products

Building a passive income stream can significantly amplify your profits, and that’s where Stan Store comes into play. This powerhouse platform has transformed the way I sell digital products. From eBooks and courses to templates and downloadable guides, Stan Store has provided me an efficient and easy-to-navigate platform for marketing my digital goods. It’s like having a virtual storefront, open 24/7, driving sales even while I sleep.

Stan Store doesn’t just house my digital products; it also handles the checkout process and delivery to customers, making it a smooth, seamless experience for both my clients and me. Moreover, its powerful analytic features provide me with vital insights into my product performance, allowing me to tweak my strategies for maximum profitability.

Stan Store has taken the guesswork out of selling digital products, and its affordability has made it a must-have tool in my online business toolkit. If you’re looking to diversify your income streams and capitalize on your expertise, Stan Store is your ticket to building a successful passive income portfolio.

For Content Creating : Canva

When it comes to creating captivating content, Canva is my preferred tool. This graphic design platform makes creating professional-grade visuals a breeze, from social media posts and banners to infographics and presentations. It’s packed with customizable templates, free stock photos, and a plethora of design elements that let you express your creativity freely.

Best of all, its user-friendly interface is perfect for both design novices and experts alike. With Canva, I’ve been able to make my content more engaging and visually appealing, effectively resonating with my audience and enhancing my brand’s image.

Starting your online business journey doesn’t have to feel overwhelming. With the right tools at your disposal, you can increase productivity, streamline operations, and skyrocket your income. These power tools have been instrumental in my journey as 6-figure business owner. So, whether you’re a budding entrepreneur or an established business owner, I hope these tools empower you to scale your venture and achieve your entrepreneurial dreams.

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© 2023 lauriel arkeah co. | ALL RIGHTS RESERVED
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© 2023 lauriel arkeah co. | ALL RIGHTS RESERVED | Site byoriginhaus