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Hey girl,

Hey girl, hey!! I’m Lauriel, the 23 year old founder & CEO of Lauriel Arkeah , a virtual assistant and virtual assistant coaching company. I launched my business in the middle of the pandemic as a way to have a “safety net”. That safety net turned into a form of financial freedom, with me hitting my first 9k month within 8 months of being in business.

I am Christian and I know that Christ has brought me so far not in my business, but life. I am an individual who’s on a mission to show you that anyone can accomplish their dreams through hard work and consistency. I was raised in a low-income neighborhood where a lot of kids don't live long enough to see their goals flourish. Yet here I am, 23-years old running a 6-figure business. Making the impossible “possible”. 

And now I want to be that change in other people’s lives - showing them that they too can run a virtual assistant company, work from anywhere in the world while making up to 5 figures/ month and ditching the status quo.

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Lauriel Arkeah Co. is a two part company:


Inside my VA mentorship programs you will learn all the secrets to running a successful VA business. If you know you were meant for more than the 9-5 hustle, you want financial and more time freedom- join the waitlist for my upcoming program!


I offer a range of services for adventurous photographers who are looking to grow their biz all while freeing up their time.

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Let's talk biz,

I hired Lauriel during the height of the pandemic and decided to completely restructure my business. She was just the right person to help with the internal projects I was working on! Lauriel raised my Pinterest views by over 200% and managed my social media for a short time, which was great! Not only is Lauriel dedicated to her role, but she's the sweetest! I adore her and so thankful our paths crossed.

-xo, E

"Two people already want to book engagement sessions in Yosemite!! I'm sending their proposals tomorrow. Those hashtags you gave us worked so well!"

-xo, kalim photos

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Are you an online business owner looking to grow and scale?

Are you an adventurous photographer overwhelmed with social media?

Are you a new or aspiring virtual assistant ready to kick off your business?

-xo, lauriel

five fun facts about lauriel

I am a professional “ home-baker” in my free time. My house always smells like fresh bread or warm cookies !

I am a Pisces woman - emotional, caring, and loving.

I’m a fashionista - I love dressing up, even if it’s for the grocery store.

I believe that self-care is fundamental for any business owner.

I have plans to travel the world! Best part about owning my own online business is that I can make money from anywhere!