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How Market Research Landed Me My First Virtual Assistant Client

January 8, 2024

how to start an online business and attract clients to you

Are you starting a business? Are you interested in learning how to make money online as a virtual assistant? Look no further! I’m here to share my experience on how market research played a crucial role in helping me land my very first virtual assistant client. As someone who has always been intrigued by the idea of working remotely and earning a steady income, I decided to dive into the online business world in 2020 and have been doing it ever since.

Little did I know that conducting market research would be the key to kickstarting my career as a virtual assistant and securing my first client. In this blog post, I’ll walk you through market research and how it can help you secure virtual assistant jobs.

The Beginning – Taking the Leap

So there I was, ready to jump into the vast pool of the online business world as a virtual assistant. The idea of crafting my own work schedule, having the luxury to work from the comfort of my home, and being able to earn money while traveling pulled me all the way in! What sweetened the deal even further was the opportunity to make use of my social media marketing ( very, very basic level at that ) & admin skills and repackaging it as a virtual assistant service. After dreading my 9-5 and being terribly underpaid, I decided to take the leap!

The Challenge – The Journey to Land my First Client

Launching into the online business world, the first big hurdle was pushing myself to get my first client. With a vast sea of highly skilled VAs out there, how was I to make myself shine a little brighter? How was I going to stand out to my target audience ( which was wedding photographers)
and having My days became a whirlwind of constantly posting on Instagram, building relationships, and honestly, occasionally questioning if I had what it took. But hey, no one said this journey was going to be easy. The dream of making money online, securing more virtual assistant jobs and having freedom kept me going.

The Revelation – Discovering the Power of Market Research

Then, it dawned on me that while I was selling my services, I hadn’t really taken the time to figure out what my prospective clients actually needed. You will have many uh huh moments when starting a business. I realized that maybe, just maybe, I needed to hit the pause button, step off the hamster wheel for a moment, and take a deep dive into market research to figure out my ideal clients’ pain points. The decision to immerse myself in understanding my potential client’s needs and expectations turned out to be a game-changer in my journey ( with both creating stand-out content & pitching to clients)

The Strategy – Tailoring My Services & Content Based on Market Research

After I had a clear understanding of my prospective client’s needs and expectations, it was time to revamp my virtual assistant services. I tailored my offerings, making sure they directly addressed the pain points I had uncovered through my research.

My social media content also shifted from generic posts to targeted, value-driven content addressing real concerns. I created posts such as ” Wedding Photographers, here’s how your horrible time-management is killing your business.” It wasn’t just about selling my services anymore but about providing solutions to the problems my ideal clients were facing. This strategic shift was exactly how I attracted potential clients in the wedding industry to my virtual assistant profile.

The Success – Landing My First Virtual Assistant Client

And then it happened. I vividly remember that notification popping up on my screen – a client commenting under my post looking to hire me. The effort and time I had invested in understanding their needs had not gone unnoticed. Market research had given me an incredible leg-up, differentiating me from the competition and leading me to sign one of my first virtual assistant jobs. peeep the photo below to see how my first client found me through a piece of my content.

The Takeaway – The Lasting Impact of Market Research

Looking back, I see that market research was the crucial turning point that bolstered my journey. It was more than just a business strategy—it was a lens that helped me truly see and understand my potential clients. This vital insight allowed me to tailor my services in a manner that resonated with my client’s real needs, helping me stand out from the crowd and land my first contract. Market research was the secret ingredient that transformed my endeavor from a shot in the dark into a targeted, personalized solution. And that, my friends, wasn’t a one-off strategy. It’s an approach I continue to embrace and champion in my business, proving that it’s not just about offering services—it’s about truly understanding and meeting the needs of the clients we serve.

Becoming a virtual assistant requires just wifi, and a few skillsets you’ve picked up from your 9-5. Start your business today and earn $30-$85 an hour.

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© 2023 lauriel arkeah co. | ALL RIGHTS RESERVED
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© 2023 lauriel arkeah co. | ALL RIGHTS RESERVED | Site byoriginhaus